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to a number that isn’t so outrageously out of whack that you have to keep double checking it. Yep, it’s 1:15.24. Of course, there’s an evergreen debate in the film industry, as there is in the whole.

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A Modern Manservant Mamalazzer.. was going through a rebellious phase and was doing its damndest to whack every person Merlin past. "Oi, stop that!" he hissed at it briefly, trying to look stern. His portfolio, unimpressed by his glare, turned its handle up at him rudely, as though flipping.

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There were crashes and booms, cracks, yells, and a final, thundering whack! All was silent. far from the scene. In the dewy daylight, you could see every detail. Every drop of blood, each claw mark.

My top 50 comedies of all time. Lifelong platonic friends Zack and Miri look to solve their respective cash-flow problems by making an adult film together.

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The first section explores Iceland’s representation through non-icelandic academic research, within the Icelandic media and through the experience of people who chose to migrate to Iceland. In Chapter One, Giorgio Baruchello reflects on his twelve years as the editor of Nordicum-Mediterraneum (NoMe). As editor of NoMe Baruchello has been.

Law and Lobbying Powerhouse Dewey & LeBoeuf Goes the Way of the Titanic. May 29, 2012 | When a giant New York law firm falls, the reverberations can be strong in the nation’s capital. The firm Dewey & LeBoeuf filed for bankruptcy Monday, after shutting its Washington lobbying practice two weeks ago.

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