This Is the Salary You Need to Afford the Average Home in Your State

Top 5 Places Where You Need the Lowest Salaries to Afford the Average Home 1. West Virginia: $38,320 for a house worth $149,500 2. Ohio: $38,400 for a house worth $149,900 3. Michigan: $40,800 for a house worth $160,000 4. Arkansas: $41,040 for a house worth $161,000 5. Missouri: $42,200 for a house worth $165,900 Top 5 Places Where You Need the Highest Salaries to Afford the Average Home 1.

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Although beach cities have the reputation of being expensive places to live, each of the coastal cities on this list has a median home price below the U.S. average of $279,000. beach towns cost so.

Using this rule as our benchmark, we calculated the minimum salary required to afford the average home in each state. Top Five Places Where You Need the Highest Salaries to Afford the Average home. 1. hawaii: 3,520 for a house worth $610,000. 2. Washington, DC: $138,440 for a house worth 9,000. 3. California: $120,120 for a house worth $499,900. 4.

“Before you buy a home, it’s important to find out if you can afford the monthly mortgage payment. To do this, some financial experts recommend your housing costs – primarily your mortgage payments – shouldn’t consume more than 30 percent of your monthly income.” As we recently reported,

BOK Financial Names New Mortgage Company President TULSA, Okla., June 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BOK Financial (BOKF), has named industry-veteran Jim Thompson as senior vice president and director of senior housing investments for the Healthcare.Tips to Deal WIth Divorce and Selling a Home The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Some Municipal Governments Bailing Out Of Subprime Investments Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions. Please review these basic guidelines. 1. Contact us if you have specific.

Charles Schwab Retirement Plan Services recently conducted a nationwide survey of 401(k) participants and found that Americans, on average, believe they’ll need. you can’t, contribute as much as.

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But how does their high income potential influence the homes they buy. It's no secret that doctors tend to have nicer homes than the average person.. At LeverageRx, we have processed thousands of physician mortgage loans.. Median Doctor Home Prices by state median doctor home Prices by State.

But, on average, they’ve come back down to where they were about a year ago. Paying for a home, of course, means more than just making your monthly. payment of $4,643. If you can only put down 10.

Learn about the average household income by state.. over three-fourths of Boston households can’t afford to buy a home, The Salary Increase You Need to Live in 15 Major US Cities.