Press Release: Franklin Universal Trust Refinances Senior Fixed Rate Notes

 · (A refinanced loan, of course, is paid off in full, while the borrower remains in debt.) What’s more, the big problem, everybody agrees, is not now but rather in a few months’ time, when most of those adjustable-rate loans (and there were precious few fixed-rate subprime loans) start to adjust upwards from their teaser rates.

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The company is structured as a real estate investment trust. notes and bonds have fixed interest rates and contain various covenants, with which we remained in compliance as of December 31, 2016.

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A slight softening was seen in mortgage rates this week, with a small decline keeping the average 30-year frm at about a three-year low. freddie mac reported this week that the average offered rate for a conforming 30-year fixed-rate mortgage declined by five basis points (0.05%) to land at 3.55 percent.

Mortgage banking revenue increased 40% from last year on increased refinancing activities driven by lower longer-term interest rates. 2016. Franklin American has expanded its Conventional High.

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Navigating the Influences on the Australian Corporate Bond Market FRANKLIN. that fixed the interest rates on the 5-year term loan at 4.147% and on the 7-year term loan at 4.535%, depending on the Company’s leverage, through the maturity date of each respective.