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The Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy. Upon successful completion of the bankruptcy process, eligible debts are either discharged (under Chapter 7) or reorganized into a repayment plan (under Chapter 13) so you are capable of resolving debt problems without future debt worries. The New York bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of David I.

Brooklyn debt collection attorneys. If you are part of a legal case involving debt collection, you may want to hire a debt collection attorney. A lawyer with experience in debt collection can help fight for your rights as a consumer, defending you against a debt collector or creditor. Conversely, if you have successfully sued someone.

New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog – Chapter 11 Category – New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog.. but that all of their debts combined are too much for them to pay. They may have enough to pay their living expenses and the mortgage, but not also make credit card payments..

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The information they collect is not particularly detailed, but it can give us an idea of what kinds of debtors with primarily consumer debts file New York bankruptcy or brooklyn bankruptcy cases in New York’s Southern and Eastern districts. The information below is adapted from two tables in the BAPCPA Report for 2016.

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When debtors have too few funds to pay too many debts, they don’t try to distribute their money among all their debts. Rather, they prioritize some debts over others. The insight, courtesy of a blog post at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Web site, can help debtors and New York bankruptcy lawyers determine which chapter is best to file in.

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(see New York bankruptcy exemptions) In some cases where only one spouse has debts, or one spouse has debts that are not dischargeable then it might be advisable to have only one spouse file. If the spouses have joint debts, the fact that one spouse discharged the debt may show on the other spouses credit report.